Thursday, January 12, 2012


"I really wanna go to the airport and buy a random flight ticket".

I just need solitude. I need to stop listening to others opinion.
I need my own deep thoughts, to think what's best for myself.
I need an extra time for myself to really hear what my brain and heart say.
I need people stop saying what's good and what's not for my future.

Have you ever feel it?
When everybody keeps telling things what you should think, choose, and decide...
and finally you live the way they want it, not yours.
And you feel like,
"Dammit, I should stop doing it. I should let myself decide for everything I want in this life".

I have no regrets for what I've done, it makes me who I am now.
I will decide things on my own from now on and let the Almighty God do the rest.
 Well that's life, you keep learning...
and that's what makes it beautiful and worth it.....
Good day everyone :)


  1. Hello,
    I'm your new blog reader.
    I really like your blog especially your photos!
    Same with you, I like to take photos too.. Hope you can be a great photographer.

  2. nice post kaa like always, setuju bngt sama ka ayie :)

  3. Aku juga pengen travelling randomly Yie! tapi mentok di ongkos hoho

    Ah ah aku suka cara berpikirmu!

  4. @damar: aku juga kepentok ONGKOS! hahaha mahasiswa namanya jugak! :D


Thank you :)