Friday, October 05, 2012

I'm being me

I’ve never been a really ambitious person. True story.

I’m type of person that let my life flows. When bad things occurred, I might be sad but I realized that I learned something. When good things popped out, I might smile all the day. When I didn’t get what I want, I might shriek a little but then I just thought it wasn’t for me. And when I achieved something, I simply thought that my hard work pay off. As simple as that. Nothing more nothing less.

It’s not like I’m an expression-less person. I just try to be not really emotional with every single thing that happened in my life. With this kind of personality, people seems get me wrong. They think I’m a person with zero motivation and have no intention to challenge myself. These kind of opinions kept going on and however it made me went to a really deep thoughts.... Am I? Is it true? Is it wrong to be like this?

Once, I really thought that I need to change. I thought I should challenge myself more. I tried hard to show my competitive side. I tried something that really out of my league. I put myself into the limit. I became someone I never knew before.

In the end, I was confused. It didn’t feel right. Why would I try so hard just to please others opinions? I know who I really am and I know exactly what I want to be. I’m not even proud for being such person. For being so competitive and ambitious, especially on things that I never fond of. It felt suck knowing that I was being someone else. To be honest, I’m embarrassed.

You might think quote “BE YOURSELF” is such a useless advice in this world. But, the fact is, it is hard to be who you really are. People continually give their critics and opinions to us. It is good if we could set those opinions aside. But most of case, without realizing it, we live for others opinions and preferences. I think that’s why word “mainstream” exist. People will do everything to be accepted in a society.

I have no doubt that suggestions from others are necessary. But in the end of day, it’s us who decide what will we do with our life and how you want to live in it, not others. I really believe that each person in this world has their own uniqueness and has their own role in this world. So keep doing what you enjoy the most and stop being someone we never really wanted.

Anyway, it might be a really cliche post if I write “be yourself” in the end. So, here you go...

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