Thursday, September 02, 2010

Life Goes On

my own photograph

Have you ever feel that everything you have done in your life is something useless? Or you already gave you best efforts to be success but the result wasn’t like the way you want it? And then you complain about yourself, your life, your choices, your priority? And in the end you blame all those situations that fucked up your life?

To be honest, I’ve been there.

I was really down and I chose to be a loner. I didn’t text my friend, i even didn’t get online to catch up something new from news and campus. I just felt like I really didn’t belong in this reality and everything in my life is a failure.

I locked up myself in my room. Did nothing.
My brain and heart was empty... and blank.

Somehow, my dad found out that I messed up. He asked me a lot; what’s wrong, what made me feel that way, bla bla bla, and all I answered was: “I don’t know, Dad... I just feel useless”. Then my dad said:

“Life goes on, Annisa... No matter how hard, how pathetic, or how difficult your life is, just think that God knows that you are the one that could cope with it. God gives you failure, because God knows that you are a tough person and you won’t stop just because one failure you made... Be strong, dear... You have to know that your life is a really long way to go... Just don’t give up..”

Yes, life goes on...

And I know I have to move on. I cannot live my life with complains and mourns. I have to live my life happily and positively. Just like one said: “One must work and dare if one really wants to live.

No matter how hard or how pathetic your life is, just do not ever think that your life is sucks.


Thank you :)