Friday, January 07, 2011

Rhineland, Germany

3rd day, 20th of November 2010. Amstelveen -- > Amsterdam.

Amsterdam in the morning

3rd day was for observation and bought souvenirs! We chose to be separated form our tour group since we have this observation thingy. We were wandering around Amsterdam to find local restaurants that sell Indonesian food, which is our observation object. So we jumped from one to another restaurant and somehow our observation was a success!

A gravity I found in Amsterdam

After the observation, i decided to buy some souvenirs.I bought a windmill souvenir, Six vodendam shoes, 1 Amsterdam Canvas bag, 1 Amsterdam painting, and 10 Amsterdam postcard. Yeah i tried to buy some cheap souvenirs and these all i got :D

After bought some souvenirs, me and my friends were curious with “Red Light District”. Do you know what “Red Light District” is? Red Light District is the one where women, of all nationalities, parade their wares in red-fringed window parlours, many ready to offer more than a school boy peep-show in a private cabin ( There are a lot of sex shops around there. And it’s legal! The government thought with providing this place will reduce prostitution, drugs selling, etc.

I went there with my friends and when these 2 hispanik men saw me (wear hijab), they were having this little conversation:

Hispanik man 1: “Hey look at that girl, she is moslem. What is she doing here?”
Hispanik man 2: “Hey moslem, this is not a place for you!” (yelled)
Hispanik man 1: “I like moslem, they are kind you know. But yeah moslem shouldn’t be here!”
Hispanik man 2: “Yeah i also like moslem!”

And i kept walking while listened to their conversation. Yeah I know, it’s weird to see a girl who wearing hijab wandering around Red Light District. But heeey, I’m a girl and a tourist! There’s no way I could possibly love seeing women body from outside the window and it’s only my curiosity that made me want to go there. I just wanna know what kind of place it is. Anyway it’s prohibited to take pictures in RLD. So i don’t have any pictures of RLD for you.

After wandered around and giggled a lot about Red Light District we went to our meeting point with our tour group. Finally it’s time for us to go to Rhineland, Germany!

Rhineland, Germany.

It took almost 4-5 hours from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Rhineland, Germany. Our hotel was placed right in the front of Rhine River, but too bad we arrived there in evening, there’s not much scenery we could see. We were having a delicious dinner and then I chose to sleep earlier. I was totally tired!

4th day, 21st of November 2010. Rhineland Cruise --> Rothenburg --> Munich.

Rhineland was much colder than Amsterdam. It was 7 in the morning when we had our breakfast and it was still dark. It was almost like 4 or 5 am in Indonesia. The night before I hoped that I could see the beautiful scenery of the river in front of our hotel, but it’s still dark and I saw nothing. After had our breakfast, we all came in to the bus and got ready for Rhine river cruise. It’s an optional excursion and I chose not taking this excursion. Why? Expensive.

For everybody that didn’t take the rhine river cruise, the bus dropped us in a small town of.......... I forgot the name. But this small town is totally cute. Look at these SUPER CUTE pictures i got!

Well, to be honest, this post is long and I feel kinda... tired. I just had a 20 hours journey by bus (another Surabaya-Bandung Trip), followed by studying in library for errr 4 hours, then went to Bandung City to buy printer, and arrived at my crib around 10 pm! My body needs some rest right now... Ah and wait for the trip, k? See ya!


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  3. @damar: hehe memang asyik! ah masa si gak bisa? kenapo ya? dihape aku bisa loh x_x


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