Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Actually, I just don't have any activities to do. So I opened my external hard disk, photoshop CS4, and browsed my old pictures. I wasn't quite sure at first on what am I doing, I was like clicking, clicking, click there, click here, open that, close this... conclusion is, I WAS SO RANDOM! And somehow I end up with this kind of errr, collage? I don't know what to call it anyway... Anyway, here they are....

all pictures taken and edited by me
more pictures from this series: Interpretive Dance

I realized this collage, kinda creepy... But, somehow I stared this collage quite longer and I started to thinking that everyone is living with a mask. I mean no one is really original or try not to faking their life. When you meet strangers, all you do is trying to make them "know" you, "attach" to you, you wanna make them know that you are good at this good at that, and you over dramatized. You know, it happens to a lot of people. Or maybe, when you feel utterly angry or sad but because the sake of others feeling, you try to keep'em, you try not to express it.. But for being real, I mean, for yourself, you just need to let them out. I often experience this matter and one day I blew quite hard, and all of my anger and sadness came out, and I cried pretty bad. Even after that I feel relieved, but keeping my feeling inside, not letting them out... is totally sucks! Right now however, i try... i will try to being honest with myself and others.

Some people, try to act as a good friend, good person, smart person just to attract people.. just to make other amazed of what they had achieved. Some people blabbering about someone's big dirty secrets and making fun of it just because they feel insecure of their presence... Some people willing to do everything just to get money as much as they could... And some people willing to LIE just to make themselves exist or popular... Geez, it's pathetic... even I might just do that sometime ago, God I don't wanna live my life like that...

So enough! I talked to much and I see I go nowhere with this posts. Ok, so see ya! (I believe I am pretty sleepy right now)

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