Friday, February 04, 2011

Sky Stalker

Well I can't say that I am a true sky stalker. But when I had zero activity, I took my camera and somehow I just aimed my lens through the sky. I know not everybody thinks that sky is special. For me, it is. Sky is full of mystery. At the mean time, the clouds are fluffy and the color is blue. At some other time, there was no clouds and it gave you a flat gray sky. And when the dusk came, sky gives you big clouds and orange-ish color.

I love gazing at the sky. It gives me tranquility and brings my mind wandering, imagining...

All pictures captured and edited by me


P.S. Do you know any song that tells about sky's beauty? If you do, please tell me :) I'm waiting for it!


  1. i love the sky and i love your pict. cool!!! :)

  2. @dewanti: yes, i captured it myself :D thank u!

  3. mmm... "somewhere over the rainbow". check that song out =)

  4. foto keempat, bagus bangeett! :D
    sayangnya aku ngga tau lagu apa aja yg berhubungan sama beautiful sky. hehe

  5. wow, these are the best clouds i've ever seen.

  6. @mars: thank you very much. but i also love your talking clouds! :D


Thank you :)