Monday, February 08, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

Ok. So Silmi just tag me on her post. She tagged me to write things that make me happy. To be honest, there are so many things that would make me happy! It could be a-100-list maybe :p. But, since Silmi only mention ten things, then either do I. So, let’s start!

  1. Smiles. I feel happy knowing that somebody is smilling just because I was there, listening to what they are try to share, spending times with them, or help them when they have a problem. And especially, my parents. I wanna make them proud having a daughter like me.
  2. Hanging out with friends or family. I really like spending my time with friends or family. It could be eye shopping, watching movies, reading some books in cafe library, or sharing our love stories in my room :p
  3. Travelling. I love seeing new things. I love to visit some places that I barely know. I wanna know their cultures, history, and also culinary.
  4. Photography. I’m not a pro, i tell you. I just love seeing beautiful things and capturing it with my camera. And I think I will keep learning about photography, wish me luck!
  5. Online. I get so boooooored when there’s no internet connection in my room. I love googling, youtube-ing, downloading, and when there’s no internet connection I feel like isolated. I don’t like watching TV, so if I want to catch up with news, I have to get online and read it there.
  6. Beach. I will feel tremendously happy if someone asked me to go to the beach. I love every elements that lies in the beach. Water, sands, wind, and the sound of the wave. It’s just make me feel really comfort.
  7. Reading books. The specific reason why I like reading books is that I am able to turn every words that written into my own imaginations.
  8. Good weather. Staring at the clear blue sky and bright sun will set me happy. I like rain, but without any thunders and lightnings :D
  9. History. While I was on my junior high school, I feel so bored with history lessons. I don’t know why, but history class always made me sleepy. But now, since I’m studying about international relations, I must know all world’s history and I’m getting interested in it! I really wanna know how does it feel living like a thousand years ago and being the part of the history.
  10. Listening to the music. Oh, who doesn’t. I think I don’t have any specific reason why I feel happy when I’m listening to the music. It’s kind of routine, everytime I get my laptop on, so does the music. :D

There! I’ve finished my list. And I will pass this tag to: (drumroll please..)
Fida, Aini, Angga, Nafirah, Wina, and Devi.

Ah, I think I know what will make y'all happy. It is Fly by Monkey Majik. I guaranteed this song will make you happy! Cheerio!


  1. you too dv! And i think i will tag you too!! :D

  2. waa..makasii yah, nanti aku kerjain..hmm in indonesian bole kan? :D

  3. thank you for tagging.
    bakal dikerjain kalo koneksi inet balik normal :D

    nice layout!

  4. hehe, emang kenapa internetnya?

    makasih fiiiidaaa :D

  5. Your welcome :)) I love your photos! They're really great


Thank you :)