Monday, August 30, 2010

My Own Room

I always love decorating rooms.

When i was in high school, i was really eager to take architect/product design/graphic design major. But then the fate twisted :p and took me to a majority that I had never understand before: International Relations. Back then, I didn’t know what International Relations is. I thought it was a majority that teach us how to speak english fluently, talk in a really polite way, and somehow become a diplomat. But now, I really love International Relations. I love history, i love economy (yea!), i love cultural studies, i love international law studies, even gender issues! Well, i also learn politics but i never really like it though :p. I never feel regret, even a little, for studying international relations.

Well, back to the main topic (i was talking about decorating rooms right? Haha).

However, my passion in decorating is never gone. Here in Jatinangor, I leave far away from parents and I have to stay alone in a room. I decorate my own room (since I cannot decorate others room). I wanna have a really cozy and comfortable room. I am trying to find a room that already painted in bright colors, something like white, pale yellow, light gray, etc. If I’m not mistaken, bright colors made our room looks bigger/wider. I also find a room that have enough ventilation and windows for a good circulation. And last, I don’t like small room. I have lot of things: bookshelf, bed, desk, , electric fan,, and don’t forget the all small things like frames, desk lamp, printer, and I even have a stove and rice cooker! That’s why I cannot rent a small room.

Anyway i just wanna stop this blabbers and show you my room (well that’s the point: i just wanna show you my room!). Here they are:

Well how about you, do you like decorating rooms? :)


  1. ih mba ko sama sih suka dekorasi gitu .. kapan kapan aku kasih tau juga deh ya hasil dekorasi kamarku .. pink juga gt mba hehe ..

  2. iya nih padahal aku gak suka pink looo, itu karpet bisa pink2 gitu bawaan dr rumah, gorden dari kosannya, cet luarnya pink juga pengennya pemilik kosaaan hahaha... keliatannya kaya pecinta pink gitu aku

  3. Eh lhaa sama dong kalo gt mba .. kosanku juga serba pink, soalnya aku pesennya dicat ungu eh sama bu kosnya jadi pink, y udah aku beli barang2nya pink jg .. wah aku pinknya lebih parah loh, ayo maen ke kosanku!!

  4. hahaha oke oke pastiii maen ke kosanmuuuuuuu :D


Thank you :)