Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Amsterdam, Europe

Yo man, wazzup! :p

As i promised you in the last post, i will tell you about my trip to West Europe! Yeah! Thanks God I had a chance to go to Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France!

Actually, it wasnt a really long trip. Since i only had 12 days to go to six countries. I only had 2 nights in Amsterdam, 1 night in around Rhineland, Germany, 1 night in Munich, only seeing around in Austria, then we continued to Venice for 1 night and Florence for 2 nights, 1 night in Switzerland, and 2 nights in Paris! That’s quite exhausting you know, because we were using a bus from country to country! But, (ok there’s a BIG BUT here :p) i really enjoy this trip!

So ok, let me start from days in Amsterdam!

1st Day in Amsterdam, 18th of November 2010.

me at Schipol Airport.

We arrived around 1 pm at Schipol Airport. Because of a little misunderstanding with the Indonesia’s travel agent we didn’t have any place to sleep for the first day. So, we decided to find some cheap hotels by ourselves. Because there were nobody know hostels in Netherlands, so we decided to let some people to find some hostels while the other wait at the airport. From Schipol Airport to Amsterdam, we need to take train and it costs 7.90 euro. Man! That was expensive! I think it will be only 2-3 euro you know, if we change the currecy in Rupiahs it will be: 7.90 times 12.000 = Rp 94.800! Well anyway, we have to go with that train. And you know what, it was only take 10 minutes from Schipol to Amsterdam! Yeah, expensive!


Btw, something funny happenned when one of my friend bought the train ticket. My friends asked this: “At what time the train will depart, sir?” and then the man answered in Indonesia language: “Keretanya akan datang jam empat kurang seperempat! Indonesia sedang merayakan Idul Adha bukan? Selamat Idul Adha!” (The train will depart at a quarter to four! Indonesia is celebrating Idul Adha right? Happy Ied!). Hahaha, that’s kinda funny since he is a total foreigner to us, there was like no Indonesia’s gen in his appearence. He is totally BULE (yeah you know what I mean). And after had short conversation, we knew that his father is an Indonesian. (sorry i dont have any photos of the train, because we were really busy carrying our luggages)

 Amsterdam city at night

And here we are, arrived at Amsterdam. It was really crowded and COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!! Man it was 5 degrees (Celcius)! I never felt that kind of weather for err 14years??? Since the last winter I had was in Canada when I was 3 or 4 years old. And i kinda forget how does it feel in fall to winter season. Well, i already prepared for this matters. You know, borrowing some coats, buy some leg warmer, thick socks, boots, gloves, even ear mops! But you know what, the most part that really feel thecold is face! Yeah! I dont have any things to covered my face! Oh man, how should I covered my face anyway? I won’t see a thing! So, yeah, well, me and all my friends were trying to deal with it.

 A little part of the hotel

And i finally found my hotel . It’s Neutral Hotel. It costs 30 euro for each person and the room could only filled with 3 person. So the room rate is 90 euro. Yeah, again, EXPENSIVE. But thanks god it is right in the center of Amsterdam. There is McDs, lots of souvenir shop, there a marche plaza (big market), a square, madame tussaud museum (and i didn’t go there because the cue is very loooong and its a lil bit expensive), the diamond centre, etc etc.

After have a lil bit of rest in my little tiny room, I decided to have a walk around. I bought cheese burger in McDs, which costs around 1-2 euro, and then window shopping at the souvenir shops. I didnt buy anything because i thought i have a lot of time to shop later. So after walking around we decided to go back to the hotel and have some rest.

some souvenirs

The conclusion for today is, everything in here is expensive. And i cant keep thinking: “How much it cost in Rupiahs?” because in the end i will buy nothing, i will eat nothing, and i will not take train or the bus or bla bla bla. I am trying not to convert any price i have looked and trying to be a lil bit loyal. Now i live in Europe, not in Indonesia. So i gotta deal with this matters.

This post is long enough and i dont wanna make you bored with LONG LONG LONG POST. So just wait for the second day ok? XoXo. (ah and really sorry for my bad english).

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