Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Jogging

Inspired by Yes! Man movie, me and my friends held a "photo-jogging" last Saturday. We tried to collaborate jogging and taking pictures, so people that not really like jogging could come for having some pose in front of camera...! For me, to be honest, sport is not my cup of tea. I get bored and I easily get tired just because exercising :p so that's why I tried to do it with taking pictures. So I won't get bored easily and I will have fun with taking pictures! :D

Me and my friends gathered around 3.30 pm, there are 10 of us! It's me, Solpa, Ari, Dewa, Febe, Remon, Gigih, Diva, Aki, Alex.

FULL TEAM, but without Gigih

We started jogging at 4 pm. We jogged around UNPAD with a lot of ups and downs road. It was tiring however! But since I really had fun with taking pictures, I didn't stop! I kept taking pictures and jogged!

IT WAS TOTALLY FUN!!! and we planned to do this every Saturday. Everybody was asking me how to join this community, and I LOLed since we don't take any registration.. And now I am addicted to PHOTO JOGGING! YEAY!


  1. buset, lari pagi jam 4 pagi. dibandung lagi. ga kedinginan :P

  2. aku pikir kamu salah baca, it's written 3.30 pm not am :D jadi itu sore-sore :D


Thank you :)