Monday, March 16, 2009

I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep. I wish I knew what exactly I wanna do and do not end up with exploring all of my pictures from my high school and then I just remember that moment and suddenly I miss them...

I miss my Angga and Dede. It's been a long time not hear any news from Dede, i haven't got any mesaage from her for almost maybe... 4 months? Well I miss her. And how about Angga? We're still keep in touch, since he has a blog and he usually leave a comment on my cbox. I thought that Angga is happy for what he does on Malaysia and his new world: college. He learn a lot for using English and adaption with people there.

This is me, Dede, and Angga.

I also miss Desy, Ayam, Riri, and Nene. Except Desy, I haven't heard any news from them. Maybe it's because I've been really busy with my own things so I never message them and, well, sometimes I just forget to do it...

From top-left to bottom right: Me, Riri, Ayam, and Desy

I never thought that I would have a really good friends like you all.
I miss y'all, Friends.

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