Saturday, April 09, 2011


So it's a countdown to my birthday! Yes, on May 8th, i will turn to 22! Omg, I'm that old? I feel like I'm not really fit in with that age. You know, I still feel like a childish one, an unmature one.. And somehow, realizing that I'm almost 22... Well, I have to be mature... There's a lot of responsibilties coming from time to time... Hm, well... Ok, I will stop whining anyway.

So, because I feel 22 is kinda that old... I will make a wishlist! I've never been make any wishlist in my life. You know, I just let every birthday naturally without hoping specific things. Well, right now I want make one! I will make 22 wishes, and I will post it one by one in this blog. Hope I will find that 22 wishes in last 30 days :D

See ya and have a nice day!

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